Being able to repair items helps reduce waste and save money. I’ve learnt to look into the repairability of items before I purchase them and I’m learning how to fix things, but sometimes I need help from an expert. I think part of the reason people don’t get their items repaired is because they can’t find the right people or businesses to do it. This page lists businesses I have found that are able to repair household and personal items. The page has been arranged alphabetically by township to make finding your local businesses easier and then alphabetically by business name. I will continue to add to this resource as I discover new places and I encourage everyone to share their own discoveries in the comments at the bottom. This way it can become a more comprehensive resource for people all across Gippsland.

Also, don’t forget to check your local community house for courses on mending and repairing things like clothing, sewing machines, bicycles and more.


Boots ‘n’ Keys*


Gippsland Vacuums

Mr. Sharp Mobile Knife Sharpening

  • Mobile service
  • Kitchen knives, garden & workshop tools, peelers, paper cutters, pizza cutters, mandolin blades, food processor blades (Robot Coupe), florist tools, scissors, lawn mower blades, and grooming tools.


Hopwoods Repair Service

  • 51 Commercial Street, Korumburra
  • (03) 5655 2354
  • Appliance repairs.



  • 13 Michael Place, Leongatha [2 doors down from the local library]
  • Repair, service, hire, and restoration of all types of bikes. The staff pride themselves on the ‘repair’ rather than ‘replace’ mindset.


Latrobe Valley Repair Café

  • Morwell Neighbourhood House & Learning Centre, 48 – 50 Beattie Crescent, Morwell
  • Email: Coordinator [at] (Tracie Lund)
    Telephone: +61 (0)3  51345488
  • Bring your broken goods from home and volunteer repairers will help you learn how to fix them.


Schuback Shoes*

  • 201 Raymond St, Sale
  • Shoe repairs.


Appserv Electrical Appliance Service

  • 1/168 Queen St, Warragul
  • Large electrocial appliance repairs e.g. stoves, dishwashing machines, microwave ovens, washing machines and dryers.

Warragul Computer Repair*

Warragul Shoe Repair

  • 4 Smith St, Warragul VIC 3820
  • Shoe repairs, handbags and other industrial sewing needs.


Wonthaggi Sewing Centre

Wrench’s Footwear Wonthaggi*

* I have not visited these stores. These have been recommended to me by the people living in the area.

Dropping my leather boots off to be repaired at Warragul Shoe Repairs.
Dropping my leather boots off to be repaired at Warragul Shoe Repairs.


List other businesses or organisations

This page is for Gippsland businesses or organisations who can repair common household and personal items, supporting a sustainable lifestyle.

If you think a business or organisation should be listed, please leave the name and location of the business in the comments below, with a web address if possible. Thank you.

8 thoughts

  1. I have a very old toaster that has stopped working (around 50 years old, but I love it!). Does anyone have any suggestions? I don’t want to throw it out but most electricians won’t even look at something so small

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  2. My dad and sister volunteer as part of a few repair cafes in Melbourne. Here is a link to one – In my understanding there is currently one in Yarraville, St Kilda and Ringwood. They are volunteer run, and basically provide a drop-in service where you can bring your item to be fixed. You stay and learn while the volunteers try their best to fix your item. Such a great idea!

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    1. Repair cafes are a great idea. There is one listed on the page for the Latrobe Valley… more around Gippsland would be good though!! More importantly I’d like to see systemic change to end planned obsolescence and increase product stewardship. Hopefully the federal review that is currently underway will create the results we need.


  3. Stuart Slee Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
    16 Tilson Court Leongatha. (used to be Vin Slee – his Dad?)
    5662 3070
    Have been fixing washing machines, dryers etc. for as long as I can remember

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  4. Hi Tammy, what a great resource you have.
    I have started small appliance repairs in Neerim South: “Lincolns Lectics”
    If you can carry it and you love it, I’ll try to fix it.
    Cheers, Lincoln
    PH: 0412 091 352

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