Bairnsdale Wholefoods*


DiGrandis’ Quality Cut Butchers


Natural Living Foster*

Gippsland Markets

Please visit the websites for details on which markets stallholders will be at.

Barany Naturals


  • Gournet muesli can be ordered in bulk bags and is sometimes available at markets loose for you to use your own bag.

Larkrise Eco Clean

The Nut Bloke Food Store


Udder and Hoe



Grow Lightly

  • 2 Silkstone Road, Korumburra
  • Fresh produce grown within 60 kilometres of the store. Local olive oil is available in bulk and tries to eliminate plastic from the store.


Leongatha Health, Nutrition and Wholefoods


Manny’s Market

San Remo

Freedom Organics


  • 127 Marine Parade, San Remo
  • Bulk dry goods (nuts, teas, spices, baking ingredients, dried fruit), personal care products, vinegar, soy sauce, and cleaning products.

Hillies Meats & Produce


Wholesome Wholefoods


Raw Harvest


Manny’s Market Traralgon

  • 39 Post Office Place Traralgon
  • Bulk dry goods such as nuts, lentils, beans, coconut flakes, fruit, lollies, chocolate buttons and treats.


Baw Baw Food Hub*

  • 4/133 North Road, Warragul, Tuesdays only, 3pm-6pm
  • Bulk dry goods and vegetable boxes.

Earth Market Café

“We are excited to announce that our goal is to eventually become a plastic free cafe! Although this takes time, we are beginning with minimising our plastic usage such as straws and bags. Through this process we encourage our customers to bring their own containers and coffee cups for takeaway meals, salads and drinks. This will help assist us in doing our part in reducing plastic wastage.
For those who bring in their own reusable containers, along with our coffee cups, there will be a discount on purchases!”

Mystic Gypsy

  • 3 Williams Square Warragul
  • /
  • Stocks canvas bags, reusable stainless steel travel mugs, and sell recycled cushion inserts with all of our cushions which are derived from recycled water bottles. We aim to reduce, reuse and recycle in every way possible and to continually learn, grow, share and contribute to sustaining a clean earth.

Rhodes Quality Butcher

  • 43 Smith Street, Warragul
  • Allows customers to use their own containers and does not cover food with plastic wrap.

Stella’s Pantry

“We love it when our customers bring reusable containers for their antipasto, charcuterie and cheese. To encourage people to do this, we cook a dinner each year for our most sustainable customers. We only use paper carry bags or reusable material bags, and for those who don’t bring their own reusable tubs, our deli tubs are biodegradable. We try to avoid excessive packaging wherever possible.”

String + Salt

  •  42 Smith Street, Warragul
  • Many plastic free products for the home. Bulk spices, herbs, salts and teas, plus preserving, bread and beer making supplies; seeds and gardening accessories.


The Shot House*

* I have not visited these stores. These have been recommended to me by the people living in the area.


List other businesses or organisations

This page is for businesses and organisations who want to let Gippslanders and visitors to the region know that they support plastic free and zero waste living through their products and services.

The business or organisation does not need to be all zero waste or plastic free. For example, the business might be a cafe that accepts reusable containers or refuses disposable straws, or a store that sells some products in bulk allowing customers to use their own bags or jars.

If you want to list a business, please leave the business details in the comments below or email me (Tammy) at Thank you.


7 thoughts

    1. Hi Dianne, It’s not a dumb question, I didn’t know what it was a few years ago. Kombucha is sugary tea that’s been fermented. It’s a bubbly drink that has a tang. It can be a bit like a cider but if brewed for a long time becomes vinegar. You can buy it in a bottle like soft drink in some stores or you can buy it on tap from health food stores, otherwise you could make it yourself. To make it you need to get some starter tea and a SCOBY and mix that with a new batch of sugary tea. I got my starter tea and SCOBY from Leongatha health food store. You could also find someone who makes it because they always have SCOBYs to give away. Hope that helps.


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