This list started out as a list of all the places I shop because I was often asked where I found bulk food, which places let me use my containers, and where I find plastic free household products, but over the years as the plastic free and zero waste movements have spread it has grown to be a more comprehensive resource for waste wise shoppers across Gippsland.

The list has been arranged alphabetically by township to make finding your local businesses easier and then alphabetically by business name.

I will continue to add to this resource as I discover new places but I encourage everyone to share their own discoveries in the comments at the bottom of the page or to email me at to be included. This way it can be useful to as many people as possible.

The business or organisation does not need to be all zero waste or plastic free. For example, the business might be a cafe that accepts reusable containers or refuses disposable straws, or a store that sells some products in bulk allowing customers to use their own bags or jars.

Want to know more about bringing your own bags and containers? Read Bring Your Own, The Basics and What The Law Says About Using Your Reusable Containers


Bairnsdale Wholefoods

David Luckes Fresh Food Market

Earth and Soul Pizza

Homestyle Gournet Butchers

JB Costal Seafood

Nicholson River Soaps

  • Shop 2/182 Main Street, Bairnsdale
  • Plastic free and zero waste personal care and household cleaning products.

Riviera Meats


Biddy Martha’s Cafe


DiGrandis’ Quality Cut Butchers

Drouin Health Barn


Natural Living Foster


Country Style Meats Butcher & Smokehouse

Garfield Fresh Harvest

  • 2895 Princes Highway, Garfield
  • You can bring you own containers and ask to buy the berries from the fridge, before they are packaged.

Gippsland Markets / Collectives

Please visit the websites for details on which markets stallholders will be at.

Barany Naturals


  • Gournet muesli can be ordered in bulk bags and is sometimes available at markets loose for you to use your own bag.

Larkrise Eco Clean

  • All natural cleaning products, handmade in Foster. Bulk purchases possible. Offer a returnable bottle system.

The Nut Bloke Food Store


Green Heart Organics

  • 2 Reilly St, Inverloch
  • Bring your own containers for things like olive oil, dishwashing liquid or powder, laundry liquid, soups, broths and other food.

Inverloch Quality Meats

Salt Gallery

Tomo’s Japanese

Treat Time


Udder and Hoe



*All cafes in Korumburra will use reusable cups. Tiny Teapot also uses paper straws.

Burra Brewing Co.

Grow Lightly

  • 25 Commercial Street, Korumburra
  • Fresh produce grown within 60 kilometres of the store. Local olive oil is available in bulk and tries to eliminate plastic from the store.

Kelly’s Bakery

Korumburra Quality Butchers

  • 13 Commercial Street Korumburra
  • Allows the use of your reusable containers.

Lifecycle Wholefoods

  • 50 Commercial Street, Korumburra
  • Facebook Page
  • Offers wholefoods in bulk; bring your own containers.


The Borough Department Store

  • 63 Commercial Street, Korumburra
  • Some bulk foods and plastic free products available, Wednesday market of fresh local produce, no single use plastic used in the store or takeaway coffee cups (you must bring your own reusable cup if you want takeaway).

The Local Emporium by Barany Naturals

  • 59 Commercial Street, Korumburra
  • Plastic free and zero waste personal care and household cleaning products. Accepts reusable containers.

Lakes Entrance

Bakers Delight

Morrison’s Meats

Lang Lang

Howler Brewing Company

  • 47 Westernport Road, Lang Lang
  • Growlers and Squealers able to be refilled with beer and cider.

Lang Lang Bakery

Lang Lang IGA

Mulcahy’s Meat Showcase

Pressed Cafe

  • Shop 4, 14-16 Westernport Rd, Lang Lang, Victoria 3984
  • reusable cups (post COVID), no plastic bags, paper straws, locally sourced handmade pantry items and gifts


Bakers Delight

  • Shop 28 B-C-D, McIndoe Arc, Rear of McCartin St, Leongatha
  • Will happily use your reusable bags.

Leongatha Fresh Meat and Fish Supplies

Leongatha Health, Nutrition and Wholefoods

  •  21 McCartin Street, Leongatha
  • Bulk dry goods, personal care products, olive oil, honey, vinegar, and cleaning products. Over 140 products available in bulk! Plastic free household and personal care products available too.

The Gatha Food Store

  • 1-3 McCartin Street, Leongatha
  • Encourages customers to bring their own containers. Will happily fill them with fresh salads, pasta or anything else you would like.

Youki’s Sushi


Loch Brewery & Distillery

  • 44 Victoria Road, Loch
  • Refills not currently available however sustainability (energy, water, and waste) is a core part of business operations. Learn more here.

Olive At Loch

  • 38 Victoria Road, Loch
  • Cafe and quirky gift and homewares store with a wide selection of kitchen, home and pantry items and gift ideas plus local produce. Will use your reusables.

Udder & Hoe

  • Victoria Road, Loch Village
  • Offers wholefoods in bulk; bring your own containers and bags. Other plastic free products available.


The Meating Place


The Pickle Pot


Moo’s at Meeniyan


Metung Bakery & Café


Butchers on George


Manny’s Market

Marinos Deli

Nar Nar Goon

The Farmers Market

Neerim South

Jindi Pig Butcher


Raw Harvest

Phillip Island

Angel’s Health Foods

  • 74 Chapel Street, Cowes, Phillip Island
  • Bulk foods, herbs, spices and cleaning products. Loads of plastic free alternatives available e.g. reusable containers, wraps, straws, bags, coffee cups.

Island Primary Produce

  • 511 Ventnor Beach Rd, Ventnor
  • Will use your container.

Heard of Cowes Butchery

  • 119-135 Thompson Ave, Cowes
  • Will use your container.


Poowong Cafe and Takeaway


Smokehouse 81

  • 81 Prince street, Rosedale
  • A restaurant that uses cardboard for takeaway orders. They are happy to use people’s containers and travel mugs.


Bakers Delight

Padula’s Europa Deli

  • Shp 1 316 Raymond Street, Sale.
  • Some foods in bulk, mainly dried fruits, nuts and some candies. Can get all your deli goods in your own containers.

Ranford Family Butcher

Sale Fresh Poultry

Shaws Quality Meats

The Nutrition Pod

San Remo

Freedom Organics


  • 127 Marine Parade, San Remo
  • Bulk dry goods (nuts, teas, spices, baking ingredients, dried fruit), personal care products, vinegar, soy sauce, and cleaning products.

Hillies Meats & Produce


Segue in Stratford

Shaws Quality Meats


Sunny Creek Organic


Baker’s Delight Traralgon

Go Sushi

Manny’s Market Traralgon

  • 39 Post Office Place Traralgon
  • Bulk dry goods such as nuts, lentils, beans, coconut flakes, fruit, lollies, chocolate buttons and treats.
  • Rutter’s Butcher and Traralgon Poultry store will allow you to use your containers.*

Pika Sushi

Woks N Dumpling

The Source Bulk Foods Traralgon


The Greyhorse Café

  • 130 Walhalla Road, Walhalla
  • No longer provide plastic straws, will give you a discount if you bring your own keep cup.


Bakers Delight Coles Woolworths

Bakers Delight Woolworths

  • Shop 5, 56 Victoria St, Warragul
  • Will happily use your reusable bags.

Baw Baw Food Hub

Best Baked Daily Bakery

  • 56 Smith St, Warragul
  • Will happily use your reusable bags.

Caring by Nature

Complete Health Foods

  • 20 Palmerston St, Warragul
  • Fresh peanut butter can be gotten in your reusable jars.

Earth Market Café

  • 35 Victoria St, Warragul, Victoria
  •  The goal is to eventually become a plastic free cafe! Beginning with minimising plastic usage such as straws and bags. Encourages customers to bring their own containers and coffee cups for takeaway meals, salads and drinks with a discount on purchases.

Morland’s Meats

Rhodes Quality Butcher

  • 43 Smith Street, Warragul
  • Allows customers to use their own containers and does not cover food with plastic wrap.

Stella’s Pantry

“We love it when our customers bring reusable containers for their antipasto, charcuterie and cheese. To encourage people to do this, we cook a dinner each year for our most sustainable customers. We only use paper carry bags or reusable material bags, and for those who don’t bring their own reusable tubs, our deli tubs are biodegradable. We try to avoid excessive packaging wherever possible.”

String + Salt

  •  42 Smith Street, Warragul
  • Many plastic free products for the home. Bulk spices, herbs, salts and teas, plus preserving, bread and beer making supplies; seeds and gardening accessories.

Viva Cafe

Warragul Sushi Bar


Mitchell & Co Tradional Butchery

One Stop Shop

UpBeet Health and Wholefoods

  • 125 Graham Street, Wonthaggi
  • Bulk food (small selection of bulk nuts, flour and refills of honey and olive oil) and plastic free products.


The Shot House


Gippsland Pantry

15 thoughts

    1. Hi Dianne, It’s not a dumb question, I didn’t know what it was a few years ago. Kombucha is sugary tea that’s been fermented. It’s a bubbly drink that has a tang. It can be a bit like a cider but if brewed for a long time becomes vinegar. You can buy it in a bottle like soft drink in some stores or you can buy it on tap from health food stores, otherwise you could make it yourself. To make it you need to get some starter tea and a SCOBY and mix that with a new batch of sugary tea. I got my starter tea and SCOBY from Leongatha health food store. You could also find someone who makes it because they always have SCOBYs to give away. Hope that helps.


  1. The Spud Shed in Trafalgar is great. I go there every week for organic fruit and vegetables, plus you can also get pretty much everything else that you would find in a big supermarket chain store, and the business is expanding to provide even more local produce. Jim and Julie the owners, I have found them to be very friendly and approachable on anything you want to ask and will go out of their way to make sure you get what you want and need.


  2. Steam and Riddles in Drouin offer a discount if you take in your keep cup and I’ve been told that Frankie’s in Warragul also does the same 🙂

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  3. Great article, thanks for collecting all the helpful info!
    I work at Gecko Studio Gallery’s cafe in Fish Creek and we offer a discount when you BYO mug or cup.
    We also sell Keep Cups, have up-cycled mugs for $1, use compostable takeaway containers and have metal and paper straws.
    All our food waste is saved for composting at the local community gardens.

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