The Poowong Pickers Festival is held between 8.30am – 12pm on Sunday 20th October 2019.

You must register your garage sale here by purchasing a $25 ticket and completing all the relevant information by Sunday 13th October 2019. The earlier you register, the more exposure your sale has.

Why should I hold a garage sale?

Maybe you need to de-clutter or spring clean. Perhaps you are moving house and want to start fresh. Make some extra cash for Christmas and feel good about diverting items from landfill by sending them to a good home where they’ll be given new life. Forget about postage and shipping rates associated with other selling methods.

Don’t think you have anything to sell, think again…

Growing awareness of environmental responsibility and financial pressures means all sorts of people are looking for all sorts of things. Also think of artists, collectors, hobbyists, antique and relic hunters, recyclers; someone out there wants your stuff for the right price.

If you take your sale seriously, with a bit of organisation you can make some good money. The average earnings for sellers is $300 – but remember, it all depends on if you have what people are looking for, at the right price. Many people have made thousands of dollars.

How does the Poowong Pickers Festival work?

The Poowong Pickers Festival is a town garage sale trail coordinated by Tammy Logan from the popular zero waste living blog, Gippsland Unwrapped, on behalf of the Poowong community.

Sellers and community groups keep the proceeds from their sale. The event has proven to be a great way for individuals to declutter and make some extra cash, and for community groups to raise some much needed funds, all with the environmental benefit of keeping things out of landfill.

To be involved you must register your garage sale here by Sunday 13th October 2019.

The registration fees are used to cover communications and marketing costs for the event. The whole town benefits from the influx of visitors and many more ‘pickers’ will be attracted to your sale than if you held your own regular weekend garage sale.

Your sale details are added to the Poowong Pickers Festival webpage, shared on social media, and collated into a ‘sale trail map or listing’ so that buyers can easily find you. The listing will be posted in key locations around town but buyers can use their mobile devices to refer to sales as well.

The website and map/listing will also indicate the types of things you have for sale, so the better the detail you provide, the more attractive your sale will be to potential buyers.

Once you have registered, check out these tips for a successful garage sale, then all you have to do is set up for the day and make some money!

Advice for participants

Please check that the public liability on your home insurance is current. Any incident which occurs on private property is the responsibility of the owner. Gippsland Unwrapped will not be held liable for any incidents which occur on private property as part of the Poowong Pickers Festival.

Also, please make sure you keep your house and other areas you do not want the public to have access to locked up. If you have a nice garden that you do not want trampled, use some string to fence off the area. Make sure your sale is outside, visible and has easy access so people do not need to wander around your property. Close curtains to your home if you wish.

Don’t want to sell from home or don’t live in Poowong?

We will allow people to register, but bring their items to the Poowong Public Hall.

You will be responsible for setting up and selling your items.

Please no large furniture items. This option is for people with less items to sell and smaller items. To choose this option, select the appropriate ticket type. You will be sent set up details after you register.

All un-sold items MUST be taken home or appropriately donated to charity.

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