Upcoming Public Presentations & Events:

Find more information about working with Gippsland Unwrapped on the Let’s Collaborate page.



Sunday 5th May, 11am – 4pm Zero Waste Living Stall, Feral Forage & Feast: A wild food festival, Bruthen Inn, Bruthen.

Wednesday 8th May, 1pm Zero Waste Living, Lang Lang Community Centre.

Wednesday 15th May, 2pm – 3pm Zero Waste Living, Melton Library. Book here.

Wednesday 15th May, 5.30pm – 6,30pm, Zero waste Living, Caroline Springs Library. Book here.


10 thoughts

  1. I am trying to get a phone number to contact the person who was selling Bottle Trees at the poowong Garage sale trail. i think he lives in poowong.


    1. Hi Jan, I’m definitely open to doing something like that and doing as many things as possible in the area while I’m there, but I’d have to have all of my expenses covered as I can’t afford to do it otherwise and it’s time away from my family. If I’m ever in the area for something else, I will see if I can organise a presentation while I’m there.


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