Gippsland Unwrapped promotes plastic free and waste free living, (re)skilling ourselves for lower environmental impact, families, community, local and ethical produce and products, slow living, and protection of and connection to nature.

If you share my passion for these things, then let’s talk. There are many options for working with Gippsland Unwrapped –  I have lots of ideas and I want to make a difference!

So if you have ideas about how I can help you too, email me at to begin the conversation.

A bit more about my skills and experience

I have qualifications and work experience in:

  • Conservation biology and ecology
  • Catchment and river health
  • Community engagement
  • Citizen science and volunteerism
  • Informal Education
  • Science communication
  • Project and event management
  • School programs

I have lived and worked in Gippsland my whole life, and I am very well connected to local organisations, community groups, business, and government agencies.

Early Childhood and Schools

I have six years experience in developing and delivering environmental education programs for school groups, and four years voluntary experience in early childhood. I’d love to share how we live with as little waste as possible (about one handful per week), and I can also talk more broadly about pollution and impacts on the environment. Please contact me to discuss your needs and we will try to work out a suitable package.

Community Groups and Not for Profit Organisations

I love working with passionate grassroots organisations and have over 10 years experience coordinating and delivering community engagement projects with multiple stakeholders. I also enjoy sharing my knowledge via workshops and presentations and learning more in return. Please contact me to discuss your needs and work out a suitable package or partnership.


If you believe you have something to offer people looking to live a low impact lifestyle, especially plastic free and zero waste, then please contact me for listing on my Where to Shop in Gippsland page and to discuss your ideas. Please note I only ever link to products, businesses or services that I genuinely like, use or that share my values.

Local Government and Other Agencies

I have worked for many years in the public sector and I would like to continue to partner with agencies on projects that are a good fit with Gippsland Unwrapped values. Please contact me if you think there are opportunities to work together.


If you would like a personal consultation in your home to help find practical solutions for reducing your waste, please contact me to discuss.

I look forward to working with you!


9 thoughts

  1. Hi Tammy, Have just seen the Daily Mail article and saw butter in parchment wrap behind your home made yogurt, then on your web page noticed the article on teflon and silicon baking sheets. I just use the parchment wrap to grease baking containers or as a liner for trays and loaf tins etc. – butter side up. After finishing the butter, just fold and store parchment in the fridge till needed.


    1. Thanks Nola, I did discover this reuse option for the butter paper recently so now I do keep it in the fridge for these uses. It’s one of those things that I can’t believe I didn’t think of earlier! Thanks for the tip👍🏻


  2. Hi Tammy,
    I am Gippsland’s Coastcare facilitator with DELWP. Our next edition of our e-magazine, Coastline, due out shortly, is focussing on the issues surrounding marine debris. Just wondering if you would like to contribute an article about how families and households can do their bit by ‘acting locally’ to reduce waste – and plastics in particular. And it would be great to discuss possibilities for future collaboration. Bruce Atkin, Coastcare Victoria

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