If you share my passion for sustainable living, then let’s talk. There are many options for working with Gippsland Unwrapped and I want to make a difference!

Email me at tammyl@gippslandunwrapped.com to begin the conversation and receive a quote.

Gippsland Unwrapped is Tammy Logan’s personal blog promoting plastic and waste free living, re-skilling for lower environmental impact, families, community, local and ethical produce and products, slow living, protection of and connection to nature, and other aspects of living sustainably.

Tammy Logan is based in Gippsland in regional Victoria, Australia. Tammy combines nearly 20 years of qualifications and experience in natural resource management and community engagement with her dairy farming roots to deliver practical solutions to plastic and waste free family life. Tammy wants to prove that living sustainably results in a more meaningful life and that individuals are a strong force for positive change.

Speaking and Appearances

Speaking – Tammy Talks Trash

Compliment your sustainability program with an inspiring presentation from plastic free and zero waste living advocate, Tammy Logan, to learn how it is possible to live with far less plastic and waste than you might have thought possible. Tammy will share simple tips and honest stories about how her family of two adults and two children living in regional Victoria have significantly reduced their household rubbish.

Presentations will be catered to your needs (topics and times are flexible) and audiences may include but are not limited to:

  • early childhood groups
  • schools
  • universities
  • community education centres & neighbourhood houses
  • community groups
  • not for profit organisations
  • local government & other agencies
  • businesses
  • industry conferences

AMMCF presentation

Demonstrations and Workshops

If you are looking for something practical to compliment your event or program, Tammy can provide demonstrations or facilitate workshops on how to make common household items to avoid single-use plastic and reduce waste.


Could your event be enhanced by an appearance from a well-known, liked and trusted sustainable living influencer? If you would like Tammy to take part in your event, please email to discuss your ideas.

For examples of speaking engagements, workshops, and appearances undertaken, please visit the events page.


Sponsored Blog & Social Media Posts

A sponsored blog post or social media post is where you pay a fee for a post on Gippsand Unwrapped to raise awareness about a particular issue, solution, product or service. Please note, the topic must provide value for readers. As outlined in the Disclosure Statement Tammy will not blog about things which are not a good fit with her lifestyle or the values promoted through Gippsland Unwrapped. The post is written by Tammy and you do not have the opportunity to review the post before it is published. All views and opinions expressed on Gippsland Unwrapped are those of Tammy Logan’s. The benefit to you is that you have access to a large and highly engaged audience.

Here is one example of a sponsored post: Landcarers Join The War Against Waste

Custom Publications

Tammy is able to write feature articles for a variety of publications including blogs, newsletters, newspapers, and online and print magazines. Please send your brief for consideration. Examples of where Tammy’s writing has appeared include:



Tammy can help you plan a waste wise event or visit your home or business to help you find practical solutions for reducing your waste or waste related to your business.

Do you have another project you think Tammy can help with? Please contact to discuss your needs and receive a quote.

Ambassadorships & Other

Collaboration is key to making a difference so if you have an idea you think will suit Tammy or Gippsland Unwrapped, please don’t hesitate to start the conversation. I am open to discussing a range of partnership arrangements.

Tammy is an ambassador for the National Garage Sale Trail and a supporter of Plastic Free July.



Looking forward to working with you!


13 thoughts

  1. Hi Tammy, Have just seen the Daily Mail article and saw butter in parchment wrap behind your home made yogurt, then on your web page noticed the article on teflon and silicon baking sheets. I just use the parchment wrap to grease baking containers or as a liner for trays and loaf tins etc. – butter side up. After finishing the butter, just fold and store parchment in the fridge till needed.


    1. Thanks Nola, I did discover this reuse option for the butter paper recently so now I do keep it in the fridge for these uses. It’s one of those things that I can’t believe I didn’t think of earlier! Thanks for the tip👍🏻


  2. Hi Tammy,
    I am Gippsland’s Coastcare facilitator with DELWP. Our next edition of our e-magazine, Coastline, due out shortly, is focussing on the issues surrounding marine debris. Just wondering if you would like to contribute an article about how families and households can do their bit by ‘acting locally’ to reduce waste – and plastics in particular. And it would be great to discuss possibilities for future collaboration. Bruce Atkin, Coastcare Victoria

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  3. I came across your blog while researching ways to further reduce waste (my New Year’s Resolution!) It inspired me to create a Facebook group for Kiwis to support each other, as I’m in NZ. Just wanted to say thanks for sharing and I am on the lookout to see what options we have here in NZ for contact lenses etc. I’ll be following you from now on!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I’d love some ideas on what to line larger garbage bins with – bigger than the kitchen tidy but not wheelie bin size. The size all our rubbish bins used to be pre wheelie bins. Newspapers are great for my kitchen bin but too small these days for this sized bin. I researched online & found bags made from cassava but the minimum order was 5,000!! I’m not sure I or my friends and family would live long enough to use that number!! Thanks Tammy.


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