Environmental responsibility, community, creativity, thriftiness, and the thrill of the hunt – all good stuff rolled up into one big day known as the Garage Sale Trail.

In its sixth year, the Garage Sale Trail is an opportunity for everyone in Australia to make a difference by selling or shopping at garage sales on Saturday 22 October 2016. The event has grown rapidly to become the largest sustainability and community event in the country. This will be my fourth year participating as organiser of the Poowong Pickers Festival, but my first time as an ambassador which I’m thrilled about because the event is a real celebration of reuse and community, and is another example of how big change is possible when people make small everyday changes together.

Anything and everything is up for sale; it’s the one day of the year when all the weird and wonderful things from any decade are unearthed from sheds, attics and garages across the country, making it particularly exciting for zero wasters looking for those unique reusable items that helped previous generations live with much less waste than we do today. Reuse, including repurposing, is also a very important part of consuming less virgin resources and diverting items from landfill, when trying to achieve ‘zero waste.’ Even if you are not trying to achieve zero waste, buying secondhand is a fabulous way to be more sustainable.

Join the garage sale trail Saturday 22nd October 2016.
Join the garage sale trail Saturday 22nd October 2016.

Some other good stuff that happens on the garage sale trail is that we develop stronger relationships with our neighbours and broader community. Human beings are not meant to live with just stuff. We make room for happy. Decluttering simplifies life and reduces stress. Decluttering can also spark some happy by seeing others delight in your stuff. And we make extra cash to pay down debt or spend on experiences, more things that make us happy.

Anyone, any age, anywhere can take part on the day shopping or selling. If you want to sell items, registrations are free and open now. There are some restrictions in areas where councils have not provided support. If you are near Poowong, come and check out our event.

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