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Start Living Plastic Free Without Spending A Cent

Is a plastic free lifestyle expensive?

Community Action

What The Law Says About Using Your Reusable Containers

Giving To Reduce Consumption And Waste

An Open Letter To Business Managers

Ask Businesses To Take Responsibility For Their Waste

How to Help Environmental Awareness in 2019

You Have An Opportunity To Demand Product Stewardship & End Planned Obsolescence

You Know You’re A Zero Waster When…

Fundraising That Reduces Waste And Much More

Landcarers Join The War Against Waste

8 Feel-Good Ways To Use Your Excess Food (No Cooking Or Preserving)

Help Me Help You

Plastic At Wilsons Promontory, How You Can Help

Hitting The Garage Sale Trail For One Big Day Of Good Stuff

Plastic Free July Changed My Life, It Could Change Yours Too

Latrobe City’s Top Five Recycling Contaminants Will Leave You Wondering Why

Re-Home Your Baby Items At Olivia’s Place

Home Grown Produce Swapping

Tips For A Successful Garage Sale

The power of contribution

Poowong Pickers Festival

Goodbye Polystyrene, Hello WoolCool!

The Facts About Supermarket Soft Plastic Recycling

Give Food The Love And Attention It Deserves. Give A Fork!

Convenience Is A Lame Excuse. Ban The Bag.

Palm Oil

Orang-utans Need Your Help NOW, Here’s What To Do

Palm Oil Free: The Hidden Benefit Of Reducing Packaging


Prolong The Life Of Your Soap

Craft Like A Zero Waster, Whatever Your Age (Materials List Included)

Paper Making: Recycle Used Paper Into New Paper

This Discovery Lit My Fire, Literally. DIY Fire Starters


Recycle Your Old Paint and Paint Packaging

Tips For A Successful Garage Sale


Garden Tools – Buy Less, Choose Well, Make It Last.  

6 Easy Ways You Can Have Package Free Plants

9 Ways To Make Garden Fertiliser At Home Using Waste

Grown, Gathered And Given

Home Grown Produce Swapping


Extreme Composting For People Who Don’t Like Waste (Or Lists Of Don’ts)

Dig And Drop Composting And Free Range Worms Are For Me (And How To Do It)

Hiking / Camping / Nature

Zero Waste Camping

Zero Waste Hiking: Sealers Cove

Using a Menstrual Cup While Camping

Zero Waste Hiking Food And Drinks

Can You Use Out Of Date First Aid Stock?

Plastic Free Insect Repellent

10 Ways To Reduce Your Waste At A Music Festival

Our Satin Bowerbird discovery

No Nature-Deficit Disorder here

Camping without waste


Avoiding Disposable Bottled Water When Travelling, The Most Effective Method of Water Disinfection

9 Lessons Learnt From Our Zero Waste Family Holiday

Vacation in Vanuatu

Low Waste Holiday: Phuket, Thailand

My Stay At The Sustainable B&B That Beth Built


Our Plastic Free, Zero Waste Family Home (Your Complete Guide)

How Disability Has Impacted My Zero Waste Lifestyle

Raising Zero Waste Heroes

Fixing Stuff With Sugru

Seven Smart Ways You Can Reuse Every Day

6 Ways To Move House Zero Waste

A Year Of Simple Sustainable Living

3 Guidelines For Successful Plastic Free And Zero Waste Living


Contact lenses:  

You Can Now Recycle Used Contact Lenses And Their Cases


Homemade Deodorant

First aid / Medication:

14 Easy, Zero Waste Remedies To Alleviate Cold And Flu Symptoms

Plastic Free Insect Repellent

Zero Waste Band Aids

Everything About These Zero Waste Bandages Is Compostable

Can You Use Out Of Date First Aid Stock?

How To Keep Unwanted Medicines Out Of Landfill

Hair washing:

Homemade Kombucha Vinegar

Hair styling:

DIY Natural Hair Styling Wax


Modibodis And Menstrual Cups – Reusables For A Zero Waste Lifestyl

Moisturiser / Cleanser / Makeup / Lip balm: 

Zero Waste Face


Plastic Free Shaving

Toilet paper:

Bum -Per-Dump

Plastic Free And Tree Free Toilet Paper

Comparing Toilet Paper


Compostable Bamboo Toothbrushes

Finally A Toothbrush With Plant-Based BIiodegradable Bristles


Sugaring, The Waste Free Alternative To Waxing


Homemade Kombucha Vinegar.

Clean Bottles With Crushed Egg Shell.

How To Make Washing Soda And Why.

3 Easy DIY Mop Sponges For The Zero Waste Home.

My Zero Waste Spring Clean: An Opportunty To Rehome, Repair, Repurpose, Recycle & Rot

Clothing and Accessories

The Rebel In Me, Rejecting Fast Fashion

How To Compost Your Clothing

Review: The Very Good Bra (It’s Zero Waste)

Sunglasses Made From Milk Bottle Tops And Beer Keg Caps

Fabulously Frugal Hair Bands Made From Upcycled Clothing

Use Your Razor To De-Pill Clothing

Old Bra To New Bathers (And More)

Giving new life to old clothing with the waste from pickled beetroot


The Things You Save, You Waste The Most

6 Life Lessons Decluttering Can Teach Your Children

11 Areas To Digitally Declutter

What To Do With Kids’ School Papers and Art Work

What To Do With Unwanted Trophies

My Zero Waste Spring Clean: An Opportunty To Rehome, Repair, Repurpose, Recycle & Rot

There’s No Conflict Between Minimalism And Zero Waste

Declutter your home


Getting That Cutting Edge

Baking paper and aluminium foil:

Your Zero Waste Solution To Disposable Baking Paper And Aluminium Foil

Butter Wrappers Better Than Baking Paper

Agreena 3 in 1 Wrap Review

Cling wrap:

Beeswax Wraps On A Budget

Never Use Plastic Cling Wrap Again With These Reusable Alternatives

Agreena 3 in 1 Wrap Review

Food and drink:

Real Homemade Apple Cider Vinegar

Wild Apple Cider

Plastic Free Icing Sugar And The Perfect Packaging To Store It In

My Zero Food Waste Experiment

Three Weeks Of Zero Waste (And Plastic Free) Winter Meals

Homemade vanilla extract for your zero waste kitchen

Plastic Free Pastry

No Bulk Brown Sugar, No Worries

Rose petal lemonade

I made kombucha and we all love it!

Plastic free chocolate – it is possible!

Yoghurt less plastic

Food and drink away from home:

Simple Tools For Waste Free Lunches

DIY Cutlery Holders Made From Scrap Material

How not to suck! Skip the disposable straw and save a sea turtle

Choose Tap, There’s An App For That

Food shopping:

Waste Free Bread And How To Make A Loaf Bag

Ditch The Plastic Produce Bag

Plastic Free Meat Do What You Can

Growlers and Squealers for Local Zero Waste Beer and Cider To Go

Five Significant Ways Reducing Packaging Leads To Reduced Food Waste

What The Law Says About Using Your Reusable Containers

How To Shop Plastic Free At The Farmers’ Market

5 Ways To Get Plastic Free Cheese

Your Guide To Living Zero Waste Without Bulk Stores

Bring Your Own: The Basics

Food storage:

Simple Zero Waste Ways To Store Food

Zipzicles: Reusable Ice Pop Molds

The Best Way To Remove Stubborn Odours From Jars

Landfill bin:

Why You Don’t Need A Plastic Bin Liner

Is Newspaper Really A Good Replacement For Plastic Bin Liners

What Does Your Garbage Reveal About You?

Zero Waste Family Reveals Six Months Of Waste And Recycling

9 reasons we’re keeping our landfill in jars in 2016


A Tour of My Zero Waste Laundry Room

Pegs You Will Pass On To You Children

How To Make Washing Soda

Office / Study

Recycled Paper Whiteboard Markers

Refillable Whiteboard Markers, Penfill not Landfill

Have You Tried Highlighter Pencils?

Letterbox Waste Management

Why local news matters and how you can get it zero waste


We built this cubby house from salvaged and second hand materials

Zero Waste, Reusable Water Balloons


Our Zero Waste Dog

Special Occasions


Celebrating Alby’s birthday with experiences


Christmas 2017

A Crafty Christmas

14 Circular Economy Inspired Christmas Gift Ideas

10 Tips for a less wasteful Christmas


Eco – Friendly Easter Tips


5 Ways My Low Waste Life Is Low Tox

I Quit My Job To Follow My Passion

Stop consuming, start living

8 reasons I encourage my kids to use glasses and ceramics


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