Back in March 2015 I saw an ABC OPEN article about well-known Gippslander, Beth Ripper, called The Sustainable House That Beth Built.  I was intrigued. I always thought I would build a sustainable house made completely from salvaged materials and with techniques that had minimal environmental impact, but opportunity hasn’t presented itself yet. Now, fast forward 18months and here I am staying at Beth’s Riverside Cottage B&B which was originally a stable on the property. Everything in this B&B has been salvaged/recycled except for a small microwave! She even bartered some gardening labour for building labour! It’s absolutely beautiful and has everything one needs.

Beth's 'Tranquil B&B' made completely from salvaged materials.
Beth’s ‘Riverside Cottage B&B’ made completely from salvaged materials.
Tranquil B&B, Stratford.
In the fridge Beth had even used a plate on top of the jug of milk instead of plastic cling wrap.

Beth also showed me around her house which has the following features:

  • Small urban block with north south orientation
  • Krammed straw, radially sawn timber and colour bond steel walls
  • Rammed earth floors, and plywood and recycled chipboard internal wall cladding
  • Recycled materials in finishes including mosaic, pressed metal, and redgum timber benchtops
  • Permaculture  garden design with chooks, outside bath house and pizza oven.

Here are some photos I took to inspire you, but please read the ABC OPEN article to learn more.

The sustainable house that Beth built.
The sustainable house that Beth built.
The sustainable house that Beth built.
The entry.
The sustainable house that Beth built.
Bedroom with earth floors.
The sustainable house that Beth built.
Room with a view.
Earth floors designed to radiate heat in this room.
The Kitchen
The Bath House hidden in the garden.
The sustainable house that Beth built.
Chook house and pizza oven (built by a WOOFER) also hidden in the garden.
A water feature made from jugs and cups.
A water feature.

I think stories like this need to be told more often to inspire others to create a circular economy where there is no such thing as waste, only resources.

3 thoughts

  1. Us RUDE Guys are soaking up the inspiration. We have just finished a shower recess for $300 which quoted could have easily been between $3,000 and $4,000. Thank you for sharing the joy that is this B&B by Beth.

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  2. Definitely inspiring. We are currently turning our barn into accommodation as our old farm house is succumbing to white ants. There are a few ideas from Beth’s lovely house and garden that we shall keep in mind for our own building.

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