Almost two years ago I wrote about our whiteboard markers made largely from recycled paper. They’ve run out now and we’ve replaced them with an Australian brand of refillable whiteboard markers.

I get that whiteboard markers are a product that many households could choose to go without but there are people in my household who want to continue using them, so I look for the most eco friendly option I can find. I’m sure many of you would also find them useful in your workplaces.

These AusPen whiteboard markers are refillable, reusable, long lasting (made from durable aluminium), recyclable, repairable with replacement parts, made using safe ink (Xylene free), and they use post consumer recycled plastic (discarded inkjet cartridges) for plastic parts. The colours are great and the markers work better than other markers I’ve used. And, they will be economical in the long run. You should be able to get 30 refills from one ink bottle for the same cost as a three disposable markers.

If you think refillable whiteboard markers is small pickings when it comes to landfill then consider this, in Australia alone, there are around 40,000,000 white board markers thrown out by schools, universities and other learning institutions each year!

The AusPen website says that AusPen “was born from a determination to minimize waste. The initial idea for refillable marker pens was followed up by extensive academic and industrial research. The founders have extensive experience in industrial design and manufacturing, and decided that AusPen would:

  • utilise responsible manufacturing methods and recycled and recyclable materials to manufacture our products.
  • make products that are safe, cost effective and top quality.”

I’m happy to support that, and I think this is another good example of how any product really can be designed in a more ecofriendly, zero waste way.

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  1. Hi Tammy,

    Fish Creek is having a Pot Luck night on the 22nd June for the winter solstice and we are trying to gather a few people together who may like to show case what sustainable ideas they practise. Was wondering if you would be keen to attend with your family and if so how much would you charge please?

    Look forward to your reply.

    From Juneen


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