I haven’t bought bottled water for a very long time because I find it completely unneccessary and extremely wasteful. Here are some quick facts for you to consider:

Bottled water infographic by Clean Up Australia

Bottled water also has to be pumped out of the ground, packaged, transported and chilled before it gets to us. And many plastic bottles end up in the ocean.

So, it’s a good idea to get in the habit of having a glass or stainless steel water bottle with you at all times to save money and reduce your environmental impact.

Worried about running out of water? Not a problem with the Choose Tap App, it let’s you find free tap water wherever you need it. You can also add taps to the app when you find them on your travels. Here’s a screenshot of the app from my phone. It’s very easy to use. Let’s fill this map with pins and reduce the use of bottled water and stop plastic pollution!

Choose Tap App screenshot

Download the app here

If you can’t find a tap, go to a cafe and ask them to refill it for you. Otherwise, take a break, sit down and order something like a freshly squeezed juice – just make sure you refuse the straw.

If you are a cafe or other business owner who welcomes customers who want to refill their water bottles with tap water, why not make it known with a sign on the door or counter. And while your at it tell customers why you keep the disposable straws off the counter and give away your coffee grounds.

Still not convinced. Then maybe this short clip from Yarra Valley Water will convince you.

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