Last week I made pickled beetroot for the first time and I just couldn’t throw away that beautiful deep pink coloured liquid after I’d boiled the beetroot. So I bottled it to have a go at natural dying. Natural dying is something I’ve often wondered about but it wasn’t until I saw an episode of Garending Australia in June 2015 that I started thinking I could give it a go. So anyway I stored the ‘juice’ without any idea of how I would use it.


On Sunday I did a wardrobe clean out and culled a few t- shirts moving them along from my ‘wearable’ collection to my ‘repurpose-able’ collection. This morning I realised one of the white-turned-grey t-shirts would be perfect for a practice dye!


An old t-shirt given new life with natural dye from beetroots!
An old t-shirt given new life with natural dye from beetroots!

So here it is drying on the line. I’ve put the waste from the pickled beetroot to good use and have given a t-shirt new life before it makes it back into my repurpose-able collection. Alby (my six year old) said to me this morning “why do you keep doing these different things?” I replied “because it’s fun!”

2 thoughts

    1. It didn’t hold up that well in the end. I later discovered the process is a bit more complicated requiring salt or some other way of setting the colour so after a while the colour went brown. It was a cotton t-shirt so I was able tear it into strips for use in the garden and then compost.


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