The Very Good Bra is the world’s first zero waste bra (made from tencel and tree-rubber elastic) created by Stephanie Devine.

“I am obsessed with comfortable, wire free bras, as well as the shame of landfill. I have combined my obsessions to create a super stylish, super comfy lingerie range that is so clean it can literally be buried in the garden at the end of its life!”

The Very Good Bra
Image by The Very Good Bra

I, and the other two reviewers here, were some of the 700 plus people who supported the Kickstarter campaign earlier in 2018 by pre-purchasing a bra.

Now that we’ve had a few weeks to try it out, wash it, and re-wear it, I thought I’d share our thoughts. The reason I’m not just sharing my own experience this time is because I know people can be very fussy about their bras and I thought it only fair to share the opinions of two other people I discovered had also bought the bra. As it turns out, we’re all on the larger size bust wise. I’ll go first.

I was really pleased when I opened the package as the bra did look great and did feel super comfy in my hands. The packaging was also compostable.

I thought the lack of an underwire would bother me but it hasn’t, and my first impressions were that this was a really comfy bra that fit really well. Yee-ha! Unfortunately, as the day went on and I moved about doing house work, one of my fears came true. My boobs spilled out whenever I bent forward. I’ve had bra fitting done and I’m sure I’m wearing the right size (a 12E) in the right way, it just seems that this cut doesn’t work for me since I finished breast feeding two kids. I have the same problem with other bras with cups shaped this way, but not for different cup shapes that are the same size. Unfortunately, it’s so irritating that I’m not going to wear the bra much, but because I love everything else about it (so far), I would try another style made from the same materials if that were a possibility in the future. 

Bianca Cottle (Founder of BYO Containers):

After several repairs to my favourite, tried and trusted bras, I’ve been searching for a sustainable bra to replace them before they literally cannot be stitched together anymore. Needless to say, I was very excited when I stumbled upon the Kickstarter campaign for the Very Good Bra. Made from Tencel sourced from sustainably farmed Eucalyptus, the Very Good Bra is 100% compostable and a true zero-waste option; right down to the eco-friendly packaging. The lack of underwire for me is taking a while to get used to as my 12D bust is used to the feel of a wire. But as with all things zero-waste there are some compromises. The construction feels sturdy with a 3-hook fastener at the back, is lightweight and breathable. And somehow without the use of modern synthetics the bra has an elasticity which gives a nice line and flattering fit which provides enough support to comfortably run up a flight of stairs. The fabric is lightweight, breathable and especially soft on my hypersensitive skin. No itchiness, pinching or red marks at the end of the day. It truly is a Very Good Bra!

Desirae Hancock – So far so (very) good

I’ve had my Very Good Bra for nearly a month now, and I must say I’m impressed. The first thing I noticed when I opened the biodegradable packaging, was how soft the fabric is. I was surprised the package came from Hong Kong, for some reason I thought they were going to be Australian made. I bought one bra and two pairs of undies. As a bigger busted woman (D-cup), I was a bit skeptical about buying a bra without trying it on but it turns out I had no reason to worry. My bra fits truly to the size I am in Berli, and the undies are a true size too. Having spent nearly 30 years wearing underwires, I was also anxious about how a wire free bra would feel. Turns out, I can’t really tell the difference, it might even been more comfortable. While it’s certainly not going to replace my no-bounce sports bra, the Very Good Bra gives me plenty of support for a day to day bra. Hubby even gave it the thumbs up too!

So far the bra and undies have both washed well, the only negative thing I’ve noticed is I have to adjust the straps more often than I would in a normal bra. But that’s not a big deal. At $95 [$85 plus $10 shipping] it’s the most I’ve ever spent on a bra, so here’s hoping it lasts longer than the others. It’s longevity will be my deciding factor as to whether I purchase another one.

Did any of you get The Very Good Bra too? Tell us what you think in the comments. If you follow the links to The Very Good Bra and Kickstarter websites above, you can find out more about the bra and the possibility of purchasing one for yourself (I’m not affiliated or anything).

11 thoughts

  1. I pay no more than $2 for a bra that is in good condition and secondhand. I mostly pay 50 cents for bras that have hardly been worn. I will make do and mend my bras. I wear underwires and wash them gently in a laundry bag. I would never pay $95 for a bra, not because I cannot afford to do so but because I prefer to rescue textiles, already in circulation, from the landfill.


  2. Tammy,
    Sounds amazing ! I currently give my old but still useable bras to ‘uplift’ for distribution to those who cannot afford a new bra.

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  3. would love to try, but it isn’t possible at $85. Being a DD/E, and older I need lots of support, but also being on a pension have trouble finding affordable bras.

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  4. I’d love to try one, and I could even justify the $95 price tag if I knew it would fit. Unfortunately they require the buyer to pay for return costs if it doesn’t fit properly. I can’t see paying $10-20 just to try one on…

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  5. I was excited watching The Project, seeing the natural fibres of the very good bra. However, extremely disappointed that once again, they only come in smaller sizes!

    Lots of women whom are unwell for various reasons gain weight and we need a larger size range!! I’ve recently gone through breast cancer and it’s been impossible finding a natural fibre bra that didn’t have elastic against the skin causing allergy rashes.

    C’mon, if you really want to make a difference, make them in larger sizes please?

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    1. Did the Very Good Bra recently feature on the project? I missed it. It is disappointing that there aren’t more size ranges but it’s most likely due to the costs of starting up. If you go direct to their website you might be able to leave this feedback or get more answers. 🙂


    2. Colleen, I’ve been wearing Merino County “baa bras” for about 2 years now. All merino and no elastic against the skin. They say they were originally designed for those going through breast cancer and chemo. You may find them worth a try! I usually take a 16DD in Berlei and find the XL in this range fits me well. It doesn’t have quite the same lift as a normal bra, but I find it pretty good.

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  6. The owner of The Very Good bra is passive aggressive rude and offensive. Apparently I didn’t read the fine print, that no bra in any size was available, and so I am stupid. DO NOT deal with this company.


    1. Oh no Sasha, I’m surprised and sad to hear you’ve had this experience. Drawing from my own experience, I know that sometimes written messages can come across in unintentional ways, especially when you are rushed or not well. Perhaps a combination of a bad day and miscommunication. Hope the rest of your week is much better.


  7. It is disillusioning that there aren’t progressively estimate goes however it’s doubtlessly because of the expenses of firing up. All merino and no flexible against the skin. They state they were initially intended for those experiencing bosom malignant growth and chemo. You may discover them worth an attempt.


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