Even though I read more from a screen these days, there are still times when I like to highlight hardcopy information, like items on a list. Highlighting text is also useful for school homework and research, so I wanted to find a plastic and waste free alternative to our old solvent based plastic highlighters.

Regular pencils can suffice but if you want something that provides the extra ‘pop’, a thick fluro highlighter pencil will do the job and leave no waste – use a wooden or steel sharpener and put the shavings in the compost. The pencils are long-lived and can’t run dry. I remember my daughter went through a stage of constantly forgetting to replace the lids on markers and I’d find them weeks later in her room, completely dried out.  The one I use is also made from sustainable timber and safe colour (use the code TLB2017 to get a 10% discount on this and other items across the store).

And yes, I do intend on encouraging my kids to follow house rules like those in the image. But it’s not like I haven’t tried before. Somehow highlighting the list makes me feel renewed committment to the task at hand ;-).



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      1. Yes! Especially middle and high schools where they are most often used. “Recycling” old markers and highlighters is really not the best option.

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