I found toilet paper made without trees!

I came across Pure Planet’s toilet paper on the internet and discovered it is made from 100% renewable and recycled bamboo and sugarcane waste. I got excited because I’ve researched toilet paper before and there seemed to be only two brands that people were debating over which was best. It was disappointing that there weren’t more sustainable toilet paper options to consider. Now it seemed there was a third contender, so I wanted to know more. The more I read, the more this product ticked boxes for me.

Here are the great things I learned about Pure Planet toilet paper:

  • The bamboo and sugarcane materials are sourced from sustainable plantations established for commercial purposes rather than as a food source for Pandas.
  • Bamboo is really fast growing. It grows more, the more it’s cut. It can also produce 35% more oxygen than trees.
  • 27,000 trees perish each day just to wipe bums, so keeping trees, which take decades to grow before being harvested, for wildlife and filtering toxins from the air is a much better purpose for them.
  • Each roll is individually hand wrapped with materials sourced from sustainable plantations to reduce plastic, preserve hygiene and be reused for arts and crafts.
  • It doesn’t include any chemical bleaches, inks, dyes, or undesirable scents or toxins
  • 100% biodegradable, chlorine-free, and has a high dispersibility, making it safe for vacuum toilet systems and septic tanks.
  • 3 ply.
  • Delivered all over Australia on a subscription basis.
  • Subscriptions are free from hidden fees, lock in contacts and can be cancelled at any time.
  • 100% Australian owned.
  • It is not made in Australia, but Pure Planet turn this into a positive, by using Sendle delivery service. Sendle is Australia’s (and possibly the world’s) first carbon neutral delivery service. That deserves an applause emoji.

Pure Planet tree free and plastic free toilet paper

This product was definitely worth trialling, so I asked Pure Planet to send me some samples and I can tell you there has been no scrimping on quality. The toilet paper is very soft and very strong. It definitely passed our family’s usability test. Oh, and it looks gorgeous! I’ve carefully saved the wrapping for reuse as gift wrap or for craft projects. And look at the box in this Facebook live video! I love that they are designing with reuse in mind.


I noticed that the rolls were a little bit smaller than what we were already using, so to accurately compare Pure Planet toilet paper with other brands I worked out that Pure Planet costs $0.35 per 100 sheets. With delivery this can go up to $0.55 per 100 sheets. This is a little bit more expensive than the other brands I reviewed but I do believe you are paying for a quality product in this instance.

One way to reduce this cost is to organise a bulk buy group for your community. I asked the Pure Planet Team about this and they are happy to prepare a quote which includes shipping to your location. The Pure Planet staff have been very friendly to talk to and have shown me that they are flexible about meeting customer needs, so it’s definitely worth considering a bulk buy arrangement that suits your community.

If you still have unanswered questions I strongly recommend you visit the Pure Planet website to learn more and see if a subscription will suit you. Their website is very user friendly and informative.

There is one more thing that may sway you towards this product. It’s something that I’ve only just started learning about so don’t be alarmed when I tell you that recycled tree paper may contain BPAs (Bisphenol A is a synthetic oestrogen, a component of plastics, and a colour developer in thermal paper). This is because recycling facilities can’t easily remove thermal paper (e.g. receipts) from the recycling process. I am going to look more into this but if anyone else has information to share, please do so.

Check out how I reuse toilet paper rolls here.

18 thoughts

  1. Hi Tammy, You’re a bit far from me to make it worthwhile, but it sounds as if it would be good if you could be a pick up point for toilet paper.


  2. Tammy, I’ve been basically stalking you online, Lol. I made a comment on instagram about you finding all those apples.. meanwhile I’ve really got thinking about all this stuff. I’m local too so it’s really inspiring that you are near me, as living out away from bulk food stores and recycling stations makes it hard. (I’m trying to get Warragul Coles to stock one of those plastic bag bins where you can recycle any plastic bags/ packets etc). Also I remembered that near us is an unattended pear tree so I got hubby to go pick me some 🙂 I’m also seeking out road side sales for fruit and veg. I work from home and my latest product is 100% recycled with no plastic packaging. So, you are creating a ripple effect 🙂 I also mentioned you as inspiration in my blog when I posted my new products. Ok, I’ll go back to silent stalking now, Lol. Just wanted to say thanks.. Jules 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks for letting me know Jules. We all do silent stalking from time to time 😂. I love hearing about the ripple effects from the people around me because that’s why I started! I think the problem might lie more with the RED Group rather than Warragul Coles because I know a number of people have requested the soft plastics bin. There are none of those bins throughout Gippsland and RedGroup have declared this won’t change in 2016. We can hope for 2017. Glad to know you’ve kept the pressure up though. 👍🏻


  3. Hi Tammy I am really enjoying your blog. Currently living in the Middle East where small hand held showers are used in toilets. I find that the use of the “bum hose ” allows you to drastically reduce the amount of toilet paper used and the loo paper is often not allowed to be flushed. I remember looking for exactly this type of thing when I was washing nappieabout19 years ago, to wash the solids into the loo before laundering but could not find them.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Helen, Oh yes I remember thinking about that hose when we used cloth nappies too. It’s good to learn from other parts of the world. We get stuck in our own ways and forget there are other ways to go about things. Thanks for reminding me of the bum hose 😊


  4. Hey. Im sure you have mentioned about purchasing this toilet paper …but where am i able to buy some from pls. I live on the Mornington Peninsula and have five youngish children all livng here. We would love to use this rather than those other rolls . Cheers

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