Last week I posted on Facebook and Instagram that I was not happy to receive so much plastic packaging with my childrens’ Milo In2 Cricket participant gift packs and that I wasn’t going to accept it as our waste because we had no choice in the matter. I had the idea to send the packaging back to Cricket Australia with suggestions for improvement because I strongly believe that businesses and organisations should take full lifecycle responsibility of the products they put out into the world. Organisations that don’t are simply cutting costs by externalising aspects like waste. However, taking full responsibility would drive innovation toward a circular economy and they would likely save money in the end.

I shared my intentions with my followers to demonstrate that we can all stand up against mindless consumption and the unneccessary generation of waste in a range of ways. Managing waste doesn’t have to all rest on the shoulders of indivduals trying to make good choices – but making good choices is still important. In this instance I didn’t think it was fair to ask my children to refuse the participant pack when the situation seemed easily preventable. And, what good would it do to make my children miserable if Cricket Australia never knew of our small protest. I had to let them know and I thought this was a good way to make the point.

Plastic waste with letter of explanation and suggestions for improvement being mailed to Cricket Australia.
Plastic waste with letter of explanation and suggestions for improvement being mailed to Cricket Australia.

Most people loved the idea of sending waste with a letter of explanation back to the company that produced it and thought it would drive change quicker if we all did it. But a couple of people were upset that I’d named an organisation. My response to that is, why shouldn’t we hold businesses accountable? Milo In2Cricket is a fantastic sports program and I had faith that the managers would be interested in solving this issue. Their speedy response has not disappointed me.

Hi Tammy,

Thank you for your email [I emailed my letter as well as posted a copy with the plastic] and your concern regarding the plastic wrapping of items from your MILO in2CRICKET participant pack. The points you raise are a good reminder to us to continue to look at the full lifecycle of the equipment we provide within the MILO in2CRICKET program.

The wrapping of products has been done to minimise damage during transportation and spoilage when they are stored. With that in mind, we are consistently reviewing our sourcing and fulfilment methods and will work with our supplier to try to identify solutions that minimise the wrapping used whilst ensuring products can be provided to children in the best quality state.

Your note regarding letting people choose the items is a good suggestion and it is something that we have been exploring for some time. There are a number of logistical and operational considerations that haven’t allowed us to offer this to date.

I appreciate the time you have taken to provide your feedback. I agree that Cricket Australia has a responsibility to minimise the environmental impact created during the production and distribution of products we provide to participants. As mentioned, we regularly review our product sourcing and fulfilment methods and we will take your feedback on board during this ongoing process.

Kind regards,  (Name withheld)

I think this is a positive response from Cricket Australia and I am hopeful that in one year, when the participant packs roll out again, there will be some changes based on this feedback. If there is, I will happily share the details through all my social channels. My kids are happy to have received their participant pack and have shown interest in my new approach and in the response from Cricket Australia. Who knows, our small act could help reduce the waste in 2,300+ packs next year, instead of just two.



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  1. I think that is a great response, it will be interesting to see what follow through happens. I love the way you seem to be able to send the message without being too ‘single minded’. I try and follow your example as much as I can when communicating with plastic providers but I tend not to be quite so adept. I think a worksop and some role plays might be a good idea! Good work! Now, do you have any suggestions on buying milk not in plastic containers, and should we buy milk in plastic to make ricotta, or buy the ricotta from a deli that won’t let you BYO container? That’s this weeks dinner discussion! 🙂

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    1. Thanks Maree, I appreciate those comments :). Oh man, I think about the milk situation on and off, but it does get a little tricky for different situations. I have a half written post about this with my thoughts and findings so far. I’ll dig it up and get some thoughts to you soon. I was really hopeful Gippsland Jersey would implement a milk vending machine in a town where people can reuse bottles – they loved the idea and started looking into it, but because they’re just getting off the ground I think it would be a while before anything happened.

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  2. I think everyone should be asking businesses to take responsibility for their waste.

    Coffee cups are my biggest peeve at the moment. If you run a business that sells something that creates a huge amount of non-recyclable waste every day, why aren’t you doing something about it? Why not order the biocups or incentivise the use of reusable cups/dining in for your coffee?

    It baffles me! Good on you Tammy.

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  3. I took delivery today of some stainless steel drinking straws and each one came in a plastic bag. Not sending them back to China but I will comment in the feedback and as I will probably order more for Christmas presents I will request when packing to omit the plastic. Defeats the whole point of buying them!

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