We spend a lot of time outdoors, near water bodies and around animals so insect repellent is something we use often at this time of year. Sometimes we use physical barriers like clothing but a lot of the time we like to kick about barefoot or in thongs, shorts and singlets. I’m lucky I don’t react much to bites but a lot of insects using my skin as a landing strip is very annoying! Plus, once the kids start scratching their bites they have a tendency to cause themselves further harm, so it’s best to avoid the bites in the first place.

I’ve been nervous about applying DEET based repellents to our skin so I’m happy to try natural alternatives. The only one I have found plastic free is Beauty and the Bees Bugged Outdoor balm – and I like it! It smells nice and has a moisturising feel about it, best of all, it seems to deter insects.

Plastic free insect repellent being applied.

I’m keen to hear if any of you have found other plastic free or natural insect repellents that work, or if you can vouch for a homemade recipe. I’m sure I could find lots of recipes on the web but they often involve ingredients I have to hunt down and I’d rather hear from people with experience using them before I go to the trouble. Please share your ideas in the comments below.

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  1. I make insect repellent with almond oil and lemon-scented eucalyptus (this is full of citronella and the active ingredient of Moziguard which is fabulous, but not plastic free). I buy these in big quantities, so while not waste free it is minimal waste, and I am sure I can reuse the containers. I make a biggish batch in an old bottle/jar and transfer into a glass roller bottle (previously an essential oil/perfume roller] which I refill as needed.
    I find it works well & is easy to apply.

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