I quit my ‘proper’ job to follow my passion. I’m officially a sustainable living blogger! I decided that following my passions and taking a leap of faith was another area of my life where I could set an example for my children and live a more fulfilled life. Here are some great words from Alan Watts, a philosopher, about doing what you love in life and not settling because there is a paycheck involved.

I’ve never been miserable in a job, in fact for the majority of my employment history I have thoroughly loved my work. This is because I have always pursued roles in natural resource management and community engagement, which I enjoy. In the end I left something I liked for something I found a deeper passion for, at this point in my life. I left with no other goal than to work on living a life that is fulfilling, fun, and low impact, and thinking I’d rather try and fail, than never try at all. My work mates were extremely supportive and I left feeling as high as a kite.

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It’s been a couple of months since I quit my job and I have no regrets. We’ve had our first proper family holiday in eight years and I am loving the flexibility of being available for the people I care about, and to write when I am feeling inspired, and to garden when it is a nice day. This might mean you get clusters of new posts from me at times of inspiration, and at other times it might be a bit quiet. I’ll try to evenly space them out though.

Sometimes I wonder if taking this leap of faith will negatively impact our long term future, but then again, if we have lived a happy and meaningful life, how can that be negative? As long as I can give my kids an education, watch them follow their dreams, and share many life experiences with loved ones, I will have succeeded. And you know what? I’m not a lazy person. A low impact lifestyle is definitely not for the lazy. I just want to make sure my energy and enthusiasm is directed at things that I feel are important and which make me happy – relationships, experiences, and passions.

I’d love to hear your thoughts or questions. Have you taken a leap of faith like this? Do you wish you could? Tell me about it.

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  1. Isn’t it just the most wonderful feeling? I took my first ‘jump’ over 10 years ago – I quit my job to snowboard in Canada for 6 months. BEST DECISION (and action!) I EVER MADE. And I just keep doing it. I’m forever looking for new working challenges which often means quite a career shift and have no issues making big changes to ensure that I get the best out of my life. So that’ll be how I ended up: with an English language degree (to complement my Microbiology one!); moving from the UK to Oz; currently on a work break so that I can write cookery books and a family memoire, which I LOVE! Just thinking about it makes me SMILE! It’s wonderful to hear another story of someone having the strength and courage to follow their dreams. That makes me smile too 🙂

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  2. I took the plunge six months ago when everything I originally loved about my job was squashed and made meaningless. I braved it for three years but finally succumbed in August. It was the hardest decision I have ever had to make but once I handed in my letter, I was filled with an euphorial feeling of elation and liberation. It was surreal! I still live with the uncertainty of not receiving regular income but I am much happier. There is now more time to notice things and to write my own pieces about beautiful and simple things in life. I hear you loud and clear, Tammy. Pursuing your passions your own way is more meaningful than anything you could hope for. Thank you so much for sharing your experience.

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  3. Hi Tammy!
    I read it already yesterday on Instagram and I was so delighted to read that you have quit your Job. I think it is so important to live a meaningful life and educate our children doing the same thing!
    I love your blog and all the bautiful photos you share on Instagram, even though I’m a vegan! 🙂
    I’m a housewife and mother (and Blogger), too, and seeing my children growing, seeing what amazing individuals they’re becoming is absolutely fullfilling me. I love who I am now.
    Thank you so much for going on with this great work you’re doing here on your blog!

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    1. Ilya, thank you. I’m really glad that you enjoy my account even though you are vegan. My aim is to remain true to who I am and represent my life as it really is. It takes all walks of people to create a better world and I figure some people will connect with me and others who lead a very different life might not connect at all. When it comes to kids, it certainly is important to lead by example. I’m glad you have found a ‘happy place’ too. Looking forward to talking again soon 😄

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  4. “My aim is to remain true to who I am and represent my life as it really is. It takes all walks of people to create a better world” – yes! This is indeed the only thing that really counts.

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  5. Hi Tammy, I’m wondering your reflections on this post and quitting your job almost two years on? I love your blog and also the post early last year when you reflected on what you did differently in 2017 after quitting your job. I would be interested to hear more reflections!
    Also how your disability is continuing to affect your waste free life.
    Best wishes, Louise

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    1. Thanks Louise. 😊 Lots of thoughts about all this swimming round in my head these days but still trying to make proper sense of it all before writing about it. Definitely no regrets though. 🙂 Moving house again seems to have triggered a need to retreat for a bit, maybe I’ve got a bit of burn out. The arthritis pain is well managed now, although my knee is stubborn and always has minor pain. Mainly it’s the constant fatigue and a bit of brain fog that bother me (inflammatory arthritis doesn’t just affect joints). So, given I can’t fit as much into a day as I used to (which I’m still coming to terms with), I’m taking my own advise and just doing what I can. This translates into occasionally buying some food that has plastic packaging and making sure it gets to Redcycle when we’re done.
      Thanks for checking in.


      1. Hi again Tammy
        I have been searching this site for your post where you reflected on what did differently in the year after quitting your job – there was a list of things that i found really inspiring. I am wanting to share the link with a friend but can’t relocate it now.. Could you please let me know how to find this again. Best wishes, Louise

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      2. It may be useful to add another search category e.g. job/ reflections/ other/ take action/ passion – to make it easier for others to locate also

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