After some sweltering hot days this Summer and the kids nagging me to buy Zooper Dooper tubes, I decided to meet them in the middle and buy these Zipzicles which are reusable ice pop molds. They look and behave just like Zooper Dooper frozen tubes but without the waste and I can decide what ingredients go in them.

I know there are reusable ice block moulds out there made from stainless steel or rigid plastic, but they take up heaps of freezer space, need to be kept upright while freezing, and you can only make six at a time which doesn’t work for us; they’re also quite costly (so are the silicone tubes). And, I think the Zipzicles freeze quicker.

We’ve used, washed, and reused the Zipzicles four times now without an issue, although the zip seal is so good that I worry I might rip the plastic trying to open them (running under warm water for a few seconds might help). They haven’t been a drama to wash but I haven’t tried to thoroughly dry them yet, as once they have been washed and drained we refill them and pop them back in the freezer.

The kids are happy and enjoy deciding what to put in the tubes and we all like that there’s a lot less plastic being used. You can find recipes on the Zipzicle website here. I’ve found it easy to fill them by holding the tube in one hand and pouring the ingredients from a jug.

It cost $9.95 for a pack of 36 (5cm x 23cm). They’re made from #7 plastic that is food-safe, freezer-grade, and third party tested BPA-free, BPS-free, and phthalate-free. These are fine to REDcycle at the end of their life but please note that this should not be generalised to all code 7 packaging. This has been confirmed by RED Group staff.

I’ll be sure to update this post at a later time (hopefully much later) with details on how long they lasted.

This post contains affiliate links with Biome. It means I get a small percentage (it’s literally $1 or $2) of the sale price from the things you buy through the links on my website. It doesn’t affect the sale price for you. It’s actually a great way for you to show your support for Gippsland Unwrapped because it helps me to continue blogging. It doesn’t mean that I will recommend you buy inferior products, or buy anything at all! After all, one of my main messages is to try and use what you have already.

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