Image base on an article from 1 Million Women.
Image base on an article from 1 Million Women.

An interesting side effect of trying to remove single use plastic and other plastics coming into the home is that our place feels cleaner, crisper looking, and healthier. For the past week it has driven me to go through the entire house and remove anything we don’t really use or need. I’m generally good at not accumulating ‘stuff’ but sometimes my waste concious mind means that I hang onto things just incase they become useful again one day. The problem with that is, someone else could be using those things rather than buying them new. So anyway, I piled it up in the lounge room, cleaned each item, photographed it, and posted it all in Buy Swap Sell groups (priced for quick sale). Small items that didn’t sell in a week have been donated to opshops and the bigger stuff, if still around in October, will hopefully be sold at the Poowong Pickers Festival.

It has been great to see other people get excited about buying our stuff and to make a little extra cash to pay the bills. It also feels good to declutter and keep the house tidier. I highly recommend a clean out!

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