Bulk food bins at Wholesome Wholefoods, Tooradin.
Bulk food bins at Wholesome Wholefoods, Tooradin.

I had a really encouraging conversation with Sarah from Wholesome Wholefoods, in Tooradin. It was exciting to see that she had added more stuff to the store since I was there a month ago. Yes, I got really excited about package-free, bulk bi-carb soda because the store is so accessible to anyone in Southwest Gippsland and I don’t know of any other comparable store in our region. Sarah said she is always adding new stuff and we got talking about my cloth bags, which she loves. She’s now thinking about selling bags like this in her store. Another initiative we discussed was that she would like to start selling eggs but she didn’t want to have to package them up. She wanted to know if I thought people would be turned off by the idea of having to bring their own egg cartons or use recycled ones left in the store. I said I love the idea! So many of us have them and would love to see them get reused. I said it would mean a lot to have the choice to reuse cartons, as often the most depressing part about trying to be environmentally friendly is feeling like you don’t have a choice. 

This blog is about encouraging these sorts of conversations and using our buying power.

Would you use previously-used egg cartoons in the store?

The nut wall at Wholesome Wholefoods.
The nut wall at Wholesome Wholefoods.

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