I love sharing easy and enriching ways we can reduce our waste and environmental impact, and I love grassroots community action!

Taking action in our own communities is incredibly rewarding because the ripple effects are often more visible and personally impactful. In fact, just knowing someone doing their share of good can be a powerful influence encouraging others to do the same.

This is why, when Tania Goranitis from Interior Philosophy created Women Against Waste events, I jumped at the chance to become an Ambassador for my community. I applied and secured the role of Women Against Waste Warragul Ambassador. Yay! Four years ago we said we’d work on something together and this has turned out to be the perfect project for us.

Women Against Waste events bring women in communities together to make it easy to swap, donate, recycle, mend and learn how to reduce their impact on the planet. All while supporting local, national and international community groups and charities.

Whilst each event delivers the 5 key pillars of swap, donate, recycle, mend and learn, each is planned by the local Ambassador to meet the needs of their local population, giving each event a unique spin. Women’s clothes and accessories are always on the agenda, with Ambassadors selecting other additional item types to collected and donate according to what’s important to them and their community (see the details of my event below).

Here’s some footage of the Bairnsdale event in action:

I see Women Against Waste as a great opportunity for people just starting their environmental journey or for introducing environmentalism to the unconscious consumer (bring a group of friends to an event), because starting in small easy ways, like this, makes it easier to tackle bigger things in the future.

It’s also a great opportunity for women with limited time and mental energy to devote to being more environmentally conscious (which is probably most of us) because it’s a simple, fun way of staying energised and engaged with sometimes overwhelming environmental issues. Instead of us all individually working out what we can do with various unwanted household items, then making arrangements and finding the time to deal with those items, we’ve done the thinking for you and made the arrangements. Just gather together your unwanted items from our list, bring them to our event, and we’ll make sure they’re connected with the right organisations for the greatest impact.

You also get the chance to leave with some quality new-to-you items without spending extra money, mingle and connect with like-minded women, feel good about the impact you’re having on people and the planet, and our communal effort is helping to break down the barriers of an individualistic society, paving the way for a culture of more empathy and fairer distribution of resources.

Warragul Women Against Waste

Sunday 22nd September 1.30pm – 4pm at the Exhibition Hall, Warragul.

Find the topics of our short talk series and which items you can swap, donate, mend, and recycle here. Also use this link to book your tickets (we’re capping numbers at 100 attendees) and check the frequently asked questions to make sure you know how it works.

Summary of the Warragul event features:

  • Short Talk Series: Hear from myself (Tammy Logan of Gippsland Unwrapped), Stylist Karina Dyer of Personalised Style and Baw Baw Shire Council’s Sustainability Officer Bek Power
  • Swap women’s clothing and accessories including bags, shoes, belts, scarves and jewellery
  • Stylist Karina will be walking the floor, helping you to put outfits together and understand shapes, colours and what works for you
  • Get help to mend clothes at the Mending Station
  • Enjoy afternoon tea items to purchase from the Country Women’s Association (milk in returnable glass bottles donated by Butterfly Factory)
  • Bring your new, used, quality and unwanted items to donate to Olivia’s Place, The Uplift Program, Lion’s Recycle for Sight and Mawarra Opportunity Shop
  • Bring your old pens and markers, media storage devices, oral care products, and contact lens waste for recycling at our Terracycle Station
  • Baw Baw Shire Council will also recycle your old xrays, household batteries (not car batteries) and small ewaste items for you.
  • $15 discount code for Biome’s online store for each attendee (provided at the event). Biome is a zero waste, toxin free, ethical eco store that is 100% palm oil free. We thank Biome for their event sponsorship.
  • 50% discount from Personalised Style for the Style Mag (either single edition or Annual subscription) to help you shop smarter and waste less. Use the code: WOMENAGAINSTWASTE

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