WAMA Underwear reached out to me at the beginning of the year to see if I was interested in reviewing their hemp underwear. I decided to give the Racerback Bralette and Hemp Boy Shorts a go.

So, who is WAMA?

WAMA is a United States based business which ships worldwide. Their mission is to pioneer the hemp underwear industry by making the best hemp undies in the world and to bring more awareness to hemp as an option for clothing.

All manufacturing for WAMA is undertaken in China and they have some very good reasons for this, which you can read about here and here.

Good On You is an organisation that independently provides brand ratings to make ethical and sustainable shopping easy for millions of people around the world. Good On You has given WAMA an overall rating of ‘Good’ (or 4 out 5 on their scale). You can read the full rating here, but in summary WAMA’s environment rating has been given because it uses a high proportion of eco-friendly materials, however there is no evidence it minimises textile waste. Its use of eco-friendly materials limits the amount of chemicals, water and wastewater used in production. WAMA traces most of its supply chain and ensures payment of a living wage in some of its supply chain. It visits its suppliers regularly.

How sustainable is hemp fabric?

My research on the web has revealed that hemp is indeed a very environmentally friendly fabric – one of the most sustainable out there! Here are some sources of information if you would like to know more detail:

What Are the Most Sustainable Fabrics? – Good On You

Material Guide: How Sustainable is Hemp Fabric? – Good On You

Textile Review: Hemp – tortoise & lady grey (tortoiseandladygrey.com)

Organic_Clothing: Hemp: Facts on the Fiber

But is the underwear made entirely of hemp?

No. It’s also made from organic cotton and spandex (53% hemp / 44% organic cotton / 3% spandex) so it’s not completely compostable at the end of its life – but you’d be hard pressed to find that in underwear anywhere.

Further reading: Why Hemp Clothing Cannot Be GOTS Certified? – WAMA Underwear

You’ll also be pleased to know that WAMA use low impact dyes for their fabric. Low impact dyes aren’t toxic to people or the environment and they require much less water during the dyeing process. 

Further reading: What Are Low Impact Dyes? – WAMA Underwear

Right, so how do they fit and feel?

Fantastic! I’ve worn and washed mine several times now and they’re very comfortable, they sit well in all the right places and there’s been no fading, pilling or scratchiness develop.

My body has changed a bit recently so I measured myself and used their size chart to work out what sizes would be best for me. I would recommend doing this too if you were going to buy some, to be on the safe side.

I have experienced no problems with this underwear and would happily recommend them to others. Let me know if you have any questions. 🙂

Further reading: Fabric Testing: All You Need To Know – WAMA Underwear

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