There are four ways I refuse baking paper and aluminium foil.

The first is using cookware made from durable and easy to clean material such as glass and stainless steel. I was also given some silicone bakeware once and that works quite well too.

The second is to grease pans with butter or oil to create a non-stick surface.

The third is to reuse my butter wrappers, which are made from parchment paper, to line my trays.

And the fourth way is by using a reusable Teflon baking sheet which I got 3.5 years ago. In 2015 I couldn’t find anything else like this. Silicone mats where just that, thick mats that could not fold into pans. I only bought one Teflon sheet and it was large enough to cut into two very useful pieces. I was told it would last for one or two years with heavy use, so I’m pleased to say that it has lasted much longer than this. However, now it is tearing when I wash it (probably because people have accidently cut it with a knife), so I’ve put it into semi-retirement by cutting it into a circle to it fit in my dehydrator. The scraps are landfill.

I decided having a reusable baking sheet was worth the investment so I began looking for a replacement. Since I bought my Teflon sheet, Agreena 3 in 1 Wraps have come on the market. They’re made from silicone and claim to be a replacement for cling wrap as well as baking paper and aluminium foil. That appealed to me, even though I’ve been using alternatives to cling wrap for years, because I find that we prefer to see the food when it is wrapped or sealed (can help reduce food waste) and it’s good just to have another multi use product in the kitchen to give me more options and flexibility (without having a lot of things). I’d also seen some great feedback about them so I bought a packet of the XL Bakers Sheets.

I’ll let you read more about Agreena Wraps through the links I have provided above and just tell you about my experience here.

In short, my Agreena 3 in 1 Wraps are useful as food covers and excellent as baking sheets, especially for dehydrating food in the oven, but not as good as I’d hoped they’d be for sealing and acting like cling wrap.

To begin with they were so tacky that they were near-impossible to use. They would stick to themselves and everything else. It was even hard to wash them. I wasn’t worried at this stage though, because the instructions explain that after a couple of washes they become much easier to work with. This was true, after only a couple of washes I no longer had this problem. However, now they don’t stick to much at all including themselves.

The wraps were feeling greasy so I washed them several times as instructed by hand and machine. The greasiness feels like it’s gone but the stickiness hasn’t come back. I’ve tried them on different materials and have made sure everything is clean and dry, but still the same result.

As I said, I still find them useful for covering food and as an excellent baking sheet, plus I can keep them out of landfill at the end of their life by sending them back to Agreena for recycling, so I don’t regret buying them, they just don’t quite live up to my expectations.

Do you have any experience with Agreena 3 in 1 Wraps, what are your thoughts?

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  1. Hi, I too bought these Agreena wraps and had precisely the same experience with them not remaining tacky enough to stick to bowls. Added to this, the large one split in half when it was pierced by a tiny chicken bone. I really feel that they were a waste of my very scarce money. I use them to wrap cheese, for which they work well but that’s about it. I have reverted to covering bowls with a plate.

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    1. Oh dear, I hope mine don’t tear easy. I can understand how you feel. I think I’m not that upset because I was initially looking to replace my other reusable sheet and it works just great for that, but anyone who likes cling wrap and is looking for an alternative that behaves the same would feel let down I think (based on my experience and yours). Of course beeswax wraps have that stickiness but they can have their problems too.


  2. I love my agreena wraps and have had them for nearly 2 years. I find the do stick like glad wrap- but they must be almost untouched and perfectly clean, and so must the lip of the bowl/plate.
    I wash them by hand under warm running water with pure soap, untangle them then lie them on a tea towel to dry. I then roll them up in the towel and store them until I need them. You only get one chance for them to stick perfectly but if you keep them like this you have the best chance. You may find they will not restick as well if you remove it- so I would dry and ensure the rim of the bowl is clean then use a fresh wrap.
    I don’t use them to bake, but they are great for using on the cut edge of pumpkin/eggplant etc in the fridge. I find them way better than beeswax wraps and expect they will last me years yet.

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    1. Thanks for sharing your experience Sian. I’ve followed all the instructions for washing, use and storage so it should work. They seem to work as cling wrap only if you don’t use it for baking, but they do promote it as being able to do all 3 which is where the disappointment lies for many people I think. 😊


  3. I’ve had the same experience as you Tammy but I do find them good to line baking tins for cooking biscuits and slices. I use the cloth with elastic covers over bowls of food in the fridge then use plastic containers (which I’ve had forever) for larger things in the fridge. I also find sandwhich wraps (the 4 my earth ones with Velcro) good for keeping things fresh. I think the clingiest thing I’ve used is the vegan wraps (not beeswax for me) – they stick and mould to things really well.

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  4. Totally agree!! Love them for a lot of things but not their “cling wrap” claim. I have a bowl full of rubber bands from the past so I will often use one with the wrap to get the cling wrap feeling. I got mine in August 2017 and am still yet to buy a new roll of glad wrap, al foil, or baking paper so I am happy overall!

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  5. Same problem here 😦 That said, I didn’t use cling wrap before and so I continue to just deal with the extra washing up that comes with transferring everything to containers for fridge storage. The reason I got them in the end was there are occasionally things where there is no real substitute for cling wrap, such as wrapping pastry dough for resting or covering pizza dough while it rises, in which case being airtight is essential. So I do get the occasional use out of them for those purposes, but otherwise they a lot of sitting in the drawer. I find when i do use them I dread trying to wash them so much that they end up scrunched up on the counter for days before I can be bothered tackling it. When I finally get around to washing them they seem impossible to ever really get clean anyway! Love the above users suggestion of using them with a rubber band – will have to try it out!

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  6. I think they’re good for one thing or the other. Once I started using them for baking, they stopped sticking for bowl covers or sandwich wraps. I’ve washed them properly, but no good. I’ll keep using them for baking, but sad I’ve spent my money and can’t wrap my lunch 🙄

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  7. I feel the same re the washing procrastination! I’ve got a frypan that’s lost its nonstick ability so I placed a wrap/sheet in there to cook ‘fried’ eggs – worked well😀

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  8. I bought them as a replacement for cling wrap but have been very disappointed. They’ve lost their “stick” and my husband refuses to use them (or bees wax). I will try the elastic band suggestion, thanks for that. Funny side note – on the day I bought them, all excited, my young daughter cut one of the big ones down in size to fit her bowl. She thought they were just like cling wrap. Arrgghhh!

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  9. I’m so glad its not just my agreena wraps that have failed to live up to their ‘blurb’. I’ve only just brought a pack of 2 small and 2 larger. First off they didn’t stick well straight off the sheets they are adhered to – and I especially wanted them to wrap around fresh food, not just as bowl covering. And I read all instructions for ensuring surfaces (and your hands!) were clean. I’ve only just tried one as a baking sheet in oven and it immediately wrinkled! Wish I’d found your site first and read that they are even less ‘sticky’ after oven use darn! Not cheap here in NZ either. Quite disappointed overall but I guess I’ll find a use for them and I like the rubber band suggestion.


    1. Oh yours sounds like a bad experience. I haven’t heard of them wrinkling before so its possibly a fault that would cause them to replace it for you. If I were you I’d drop them an email. It is annoying though, when you are excited about something and it doesn’t live up to expectations – especially when they’re expensive. 😦


      1. Update on the wrinkles – the sheet flattened out once it cooled. Whew. My biggest disappointment is that they just aren’t ‘clingy’enough 😦

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  11. I thought I was doing something wrong. I find them ok as baking sheets as I do a lot of baking but I feel a bit ripped off as I was excited when they stuck to bowls before I used them in the oven…I wonder, has anyone just used them for wrapping and covering bowls like glad wrap and not used them in the oven and did they keep their stick?

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  12. Thanks for the review; I’ve decided not to buy these as I already use a baking mat and beeswax wraps. I had been hoping they may be suitable to replace foil for wrapping burritos, as they go from fridge/freezer to oven. Have you heard any alternatives to wrapping burritos?

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    1. Hi Lani, no I haven’t heard of any specific replacements. Many people do say that their Agreenas cling brilliantly so it still might be an option for you. I think once I used mine as a baking tray liner, a film built up that I don’t seem to be able to wash away effectively enough to make them good at clinging. If it was just a matter of wrapping and heating in the oven it might work. Sorry, I hope I haven’t made the decision harder. It would be good if you could find one to borrow.


  13. Mine are literally rubbish. That’s because I threw them away. Useless as wrapping—they don’t cling or stretch and are difficult to, er, wrap. They don’t seal. And they stain & fall apart when used for baking. Additionally, they are impossible to get clean. All in all, useless and a waste of time, money, and resources.

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  14. Mine did not work from the start. As I said, I managed to get some use out of them by using string etc. to hold them to bowls; by themselves they just flopped about. Despite completely failing to cling to bowls, bottles, plates of various sizes, textures, and materials they did cling to the stainless steel backing of my preparation area *and* together unproductively (who wants to spend preparation time peeling them apart?). Essentially, they were completely useless. The way they fell apart when used for baking was potentially dangerous as small slivers came away with the baked goods—these could easily have been eaten with the food. They became kind of slimy when I washed them and were never completely clean.

    I wrote to Agreena.Wrap the day I posted my comment here. So far, I’ve received no reply. They are a relatively expensive item that is certainly not fit for purpose. A VERY poor product IMO. Perhaps they require delicate handling? But that’s hardly useful in a working kitchen. I feel ripped off. Caveat emptor.


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